The pending legalization of marijuana

Marijuana has been something that has been trying to get legalize for over the past 50 years. With recent studies, which it has been shown that this plant literally has no negative effects on the human body at all. That myth that smoking it makes you dumb is  wrong and it is false information. Smoking something like this is bad for you because you are in hailing the carcinogens from the paper, not the actual plant itself.

 There has been so much controversy over why it shouldn’t be legalized especially in the past 10 years. Because of all the research that is being made, the guy backed into a crew and it is just a matter of time now before  marijuana is federally legalized and everybody will be able to legally use it. Although something like this will be available for recreation, we still highly advise that you only use it for medical purposes. Smoking things is unhealthy for you in general because you are inhaling all of the gross things that are in  The thing you are smoking it with. Marijuana is healthy for your body and all, and provides a very good painkiller, but smoking it can still lead to lung cancer. This is because marijuana has torrent it and when you smoke it, that gets into your lungs and coats them. The best way that we recommend you  marijuana if you’re ever going to would be to vaporize with it. You can buy little tools such as handheld vaporizers to help you do things like this. They have one that is called the  volcano  vaporizer and you can use just the regular marijuana plants inside of it. That’s just a little insight on how to properly and just marijuana so that you are not risking your health because of it. If you smoke it you will be risking your health.

 Although marijuana is not legalized federally for recreation, it is still legalized in almost every state for medical uses. So if you are somebody that needs to use marijuana for medical purposes, all you have to do is go get a prescription/medical card from the doctor saying that you can legally use it now. You have to have an actual legitimate disease and reason for having to use marijuana though. They are just going to write you a license for a coffee or something as simple as that.  We won state in the US that is probably the largest for medical marijuana is California. California is a very large state that has over 30 million people now so obviously you know why it’s got the largest medical marijuana population. There are literally thousands of medical  dispensaries in Southern California making a very strong living off of marijuana sales down there. We see this as something very good because we are natural pathic doctors, so we do not believe in heavy pain killer narcotics.

 Who actually know quite a few of the dispensary owners down in Southern California and one of them is our best friend Josh and he owns the dispensary called wake and bake good times. That sounds like a very traditional pothead saying for  A pain clinic, but it does a good job I had attracting new customers. That dispensary does very well and Josh is done a lot to help us out in the past by sending us some of his  medical marijuana patients to get other natural treatments for different pains and diseases that they had. Josh on top of owning that dispensary, also owns many different businesses in California.  We would really like to show him some love and support by supporting one of his new businesses that is up and coming. If you could please go check out that would be greatly appreciated.

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The importance of marijuana in today’s society

Hello everybody, and today we are going to be talking to you about the importance of marijuana in today’s society. We have been posting a lot about marijuana lately, but that is what our blog is about. Last time we talked about the importance of the CVD chemical in marijuana but today we are going to be a little bit  more vague. Without further ado, let’s get going.

Marijuana is a substance that is very crucial in today’s society. We see this because marijuana is a plant that has magical healing benefits. They are literally discovering so many extra chemicals besides THC  in the marijuana plant that are able to cure all kinds of different sicknesses. On top of the CBD chemical there are also many other ingredients that naturally occur in marijuana that are helping cure many other illnesses. As you know, the CBT chemical kills pain,  but there are about 150 other chemicals that are used for different healing purposes! For  example, there are a few strange that cure cancer, will stop infections, a few that will cure the flu, and so on.  There are so many different variations of chemicals in marijuana that it is crazy. And we have just begun our discoveries. We have two dates discovered 156 healing elements in the marijuana plants.  That is just the beginning as well, we think that within the next 20 years of researchers will find literally thousands of different age fighting, and healing chemicals etc. in marijuana. We are going to make so many breakthroughs and medical advances with marijuana that every other  medication industry is going to get shut down completely. Maybe we will even be able to aluminate surgery for certain procedures. For example, we might be able to get rid of chemotherapy and cancer if we figure out how to completely curious with the use of marijuana.

We are so excited for the future about this plant and what if he’s going to do for all the people in this world. Who knows, maybe we even might be able to find a fuel source out of this. We see marijuana being something that could change the world for the greater good. So remember to keep supporting the cause  and getting those votes out to legalize it nationwide. If we start there we might even be able to get it legalized worldwide!

We want to reach out to today for helping us with information on some of the posts we have shared in the past. They have a very good section about the history and certain knowledge about marijuana on their website.

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Naturopathic doctor versus regular practice

Hello everybody and we are back with another post for you guys. Today we will be talking to you about the differences between choosing a natural pathic doctor and choosing a traditional practice doctor and why you should go natural.

You should  choose a natural pathic doctor because they will only tell you to use natural remedies to illnesses and not unhealthy narcotic pills or anything of the sort. Let’s start with the difference between one.   Another troll pathic doctor is somebody who goes off the principles of only using natural occurring remedies to cure diseases. A regular practice doctor relies on modern science and prescribed you certain medication when you have a problem or they rely on surgery and other things like that. Natural pathic doctors do not rely on surgery . They believe that they have found other ways to heal your body without cutting it open or putting harmful chemicals in your body. That means they will not even prescribe you antibiotics because those can have side effects too.

As you know, we are a blog of X pharmaceutical doctors that used to give our clients heavy doses of narcotics to kill their pain. No we have switched over to a more natural practice where we do not offer any more painkilling medicines. We do offer medications but only ones that are completely all natural. For example, as you have seen in our other posts we recommend that if you have really bad pain that you get the CBD chemical from marijuana and use that to take care of your pain. We will prescribe other medications for people as well as long as they fit  The natural guidelines.

This means that these trucks only came from plant extracts and natural occurring chemicals and they are not developed in a lab. The only thing that is mixed is a bunch of all natural ingredients. Because with the things that mother Earth gross, you can never get a side effect because it is part of nature.

One big reason why you do not want to take any medications that are natural is because they can really harm your body if you take too many. There is such thing as an overdose which is the point where you take too many pills and your body has a very bad reaction. Often times this leads to death if you cannot get to a hospital in time.

We just really want to encourage you guys to keep everything all natural because it is the way you’re going to keep your body the healthiest and you will live the longest. We have seen too many of our patients and clients ruin our lives and some ending up in tragic deaths because they were addicted to narcotic painkillers. We do not want to see anything like that ever happen again so we refuse to  prescribed any over-the-counter medicine ever again.

that is all the information we have to share with you today and we hope that you were able to catch a good nugget out of what we told you. Take everything we just said it very seriously as we tell you these things because we are honest not because we are trying to get money out of you. All we want is the best for everybody’s health.

The benefits of the CBD marijuana chemical


Hello everybody and welcome to our next post on narcotics  versus marijuana. We want to inform you that we  we are talking about the CBD chemical in marijuana. This is perhaps the number one painkilling  medicine in the world. We think that it is this because of the fact that many different people have been using it for the past five or so years now. They have actually found many health benefits  from the cbd chemical.  The biggest health benefit though is that it is the biggest natural painkiller out there.

We believe that the CBD chemical is going to shut out all narcotics forever. What we mean by this is that with the new natural medicine, it will take over the role  of what narcotics do. Studies have actually shown that the CBD chemical from marijuana actually kills more pain than the highest dose of OxyContin that exists. Now that is something to talk about. Especially because this has no side effects whatsoever.  Is that something that is crazy? Well we sure think it is!

The CBD chemical can come in many different variations, you can get it in an edible, you can smoke it, it comes in and extract, and many other different ways. We have found that the number one way to get  The best you set of the chemical is to use the pier extract. The difference between this and smoking the marijuana itself is that this is the purest form of the CBD that you can get it. The best part about the extract is that it completely takes out the high with only 1% THC. So it is so minuscule that you won’t even feel the high.  This is going to change things so that kids now can use the CBD who have very bad medical issues with pain. The controversy that people were facing before is that they did not want kids to be smoking marijuana itself because smoking is bad for children’s  lungs especially.  You don’t want to be putting bad things like tour and your kids Longs, because it is going to make them get something like asthma and then have breathing problems. Have you ever seen somebody that has a hole in the throat because they were smoking too much? That is what will happen to your child if they start smoking weed at a young age then they will start getting into things like cigarettes which are a lot more unhealthy.

The way you take to extract is that you just put the solution in a little bit of water, mix it up and then drink it. It is literally that simple, now anybody will be able to do it. With the breakthroughs that science has been making  about marijuana just in the past five years,  we are bound to eventually have a cure to every disease known to man. Who knows? Maybe we will even be able to cure cancer and take away STDs with new marijuana research.  This is a concept that we absolutely love talking about because it is something that is going to change the world and this generation is going to be the first people to witness such a big historical event.

That is all the information we have to share today with you guys. We sincerely hope that our knowledge about the CBD chemical has been able to teach you about the good sides of marijuana now. So please make sure that if you are looking at taking painkillers that you consider the CBD chemical.

We want to reach out and give a special thanks  to web M.D. for giving us inspiration on the CBD chemical. They have more information on this topic then even though we do. And they have information to answer all your medical needs.


Narcotics versus marijuana

Hello everybody in this is a blog on the reasons of why you should not take narcotics and narcotic painkillers versus marijuana. This is a very controversial topic between the old-style narcotic painkillers like Xanax, Oxsee cotton, and  Vicodin and  marijuana it is been shown in studies that marijuana is naturally a better painkiller and then any of these narcotic painkillers. The best part about marijuana is that it is natural. But the controversy is that marijuana makes you high  so therefore you cannot function while on it, personally we think that is a garbage answer. Everybody knows that narcotic painkillers make you way more high than marijuana does. Just ask people who take  and they will say that these painkillers often times I messed them up so badly that they can’t even function when they’re on them. Narcotics are very addictive and easy to overdo son. There are many  deaths every year due to these pills and nobody is doing anything about it.

On the contrary though, they have actually found a way to extract a certain chemical out of the marijuana plant that is only the painkiller completely taking the high away. With the new advances in science marijuana is going to be the future of painkilling medicine. There is absolutely no side effects from marijuana and there are no signs that it  is addictive. It is best to be used for medical uses only though. Did you know that there has not been one single recorded from an overdose on marijuana? Yes that is a true statement and we need to  start getting people off of medicines like OxyContin and on medicines like a CBD marijuana extract oil.

this blog is going to be about everything that has to exist about marijuana. We will be doing many different posts that compare different types of marijuana to different types of narcotic painkillers. Our hope is for our readers to see that you do not need  these synthetic drugs to take care of your pain.

If you want to little bit more information on this please visit the about pharmacy page on our website. Thank you and have an awesome day!